So much of what we do has migrated to the digital experience that it’s easy to forget the artistry behind things. The iPhone, for instance, is a beautiful device. But it replaced many things in its prevalence – the wristwatch, the pen and pad, the GPS, maps, even the desktop computer.

Yes, there are pockets of usage. And I do see them growing in popularity – look at companies like Moleskine or Citizen. Everyday items, simplistic and elegant, and still in use.

Look at the items we consume, and those that we keep. What is it about them that makes them so useful, and special, to us?

Seeing those common threads give you an inkling as to what you might treasure in other things as well.

A post a day?

I use my iPhone’s Notes app pretty religiously. Here’s a screen shot:


So, this awkward little snapshot into my thought processes is embarrassing. But the one post a day idea I jotted down on March 11 came back up on April 1st, when I was listening to the first conversation Seth Godin and Tim Ferris had, back in early 2016.

Seth said, “The first thing I would say is everyone should blog, even if it’s not under their own name, every single day. If you are in public making predictions and noticing things, your life gets better.

Because you will find a discipline that can’t help but benefit you. If you want to do it in a diary, that’s fine. But the problem with diaries is because they’re private, you can start hiding. In public, in this blog, there it is. Six weeks ago you said this; 12 weeks ago you said that. Are you able, every day, to say one thing that’s new that you’re willing to stand behind? I think that’s just a huge, wonderful practice.”

Now, will I post every day? Who knows. But will I try? You betcha!