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Finding your element

Being in your element means that you are comfortable in the situation, capable, and performing at or near peak. It’s important to be I. Your element. Finding your element is a bit more challenging. Sometimes it’s not the obvious choice. But sticking with it, not giving up, and creating it for yourself can be just … Continue reading Finding your element

A good day

Many things can make a good day. For some it’s the grandiose, while others enjoy the simpler pleasures. According to Japanese poet and zen monk Santōka: “Days I don’t enjoy; Any day I don’t walk. Any day I don’t drink sake. Any day I don’t compose haiku.” And there you are – an easy path … Continue reading A good day

Friday dispatch

The biggest thing: the vaccine. I received J&J’s vaccine this week. Admittedly, the day after was a hell of a hangover. But I’m glad to play my part. What I’m reading: Beowulf, new translation by Maria Dahvana Headley. I first read a translation of Beowulf nearly twenty years ago. In reading this, the la gauge … Continue reading Friday dispatch

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