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“Maybe all meaningful journeys begin with a mistake. Some kind of transgression or false turn or flawed idea that sets a certain irresistible odyssey in motion.” Kate Harris, Lands of Lost Borders Robert Frost took the path not taken. Hannibal tried mountaineering with elephants (which was a mistake). Christopher Columbus set sail looking for India and … Continue reading

Effective management

Since I’ve worked through a number of jobs over the course of my career, I’ve had the benefit of observing different management styles at work within different corporate structures throughout my career. Film and television; nonprofits; entertainment companies and performing arts venues; and professional sports. Not to mention the various side gigs I’ve been involved with. What I’ve seen, and learned, … Continue reading Effective management

The email trap

Email is no longer a tool for communication. What started out as a simple messaging system has evolved into a ubiquitous mass of daily data overload cascading into our inboxes. This data overload can be detrimental to productivity, as it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails. To combat this issue, many … Continue reading The email trap

The mind knows

Timely information is something I’ve yet to fully understand. By that, I mean the way something can be at the forefront of the mind, or just teetering on the edge of the periphery. Then, something comes along that makes the information pertinent. How often have you said, “I was just telling someone that!”, or, “That’s been on my mind … Continue reading The mind knows

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