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The home

I invite few people into my home anymore. There wasw a time when it was party every weekend, always entertaining. I can’t blame it on the pandemic, because it started long before then.  That isn’t to say that I don’t like guests or company. Maybe it’s just the sense of wanting that space to be … Continue reading The home

Do we dream

Not all dream equally, to paraphrase T.E. Lawrence. But all do. Don’t we? And what of those dreams? Do they delight, astonish, and bring joy? Do they terrify, or cause us to shiver in the night? Do we dream in the light of day, seeing the possible where others see only impossible? Dreams, my friend, … Continue reading Do we dream

Do we dare

There is no limit to what we can achieve. This is something we’re told. Maybe we believe it, maybe we don’t. And, whether or not we believe can actually affect how true it is… We have limiting beliefs. We have beliefs that get us through our days; through the difficult times and even the good. … Continue reading Do we dare

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