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There’s an element of misunderstanding for many of us during this time of crisis. Most of us, I expect, would rather be working, if we are among the millions now unemployed, furloughed, or stranded somewhere. If the work is front line work, in the hospitals, for instance, it’s scary work. Scary, but meaningful. Life-saving is … Continue reading Disconnected

Quite a month

March was, without a doubt, the strangest month that I’ve ever been privy to. It had ups, and it had downs. Mostly downs. We’re still waiting for answers to questions over the health and wellness of the US, and the world at large. The financial sector continues to be in an uproar, and unemployment claims … Continue reading Quite a month

Wherever you go

Wherever you go, that’s where you are. There’s a joy in solitude if you take the time to listen to it. Blocking out the concerns of the world, the struggles you may be experiencing, or the uncertainty of it all. At this moment, you get to listen to that inner voice. What is it saying?

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