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Some things of interest over the past week:

  • This item from MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality assumes a failed mission to the moon for Apollo 11. It’s called a deepfake, and the speech, while actually written for President Nixon to deliver in case of a disaster, is delivered by a sound-alike actor, and the footage is cut together from actual video footage of the then-president. It’s a warning against necessarily believing anything that may show up on the internet.
  • Nintendo’s strong earnings showing giving a glimpse into how shelter-in-place Millenials (and others…) are spending their time. I’ve got more than a few friends logging massive hours in video gaming during this pandemic.
  • Marketplace reporting on how families used pandemic relief to pay down credit card debt, and what that might look like now that added unemployment benefits have stopped.
  • 75 Years later, the impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • An animated feature out of Japan, Your NameMy brother turned me on to this, and it’s a beautifully put-together film. Pulls at the heartstrings as well. The US-optioned project has JJ Abrams attached, changing Tokyo to Chicago, and priestess-descended youth to Native American. I couldn’t find details on the production schedule for it, though.
  • And a project I’ve been working on, changing photographs to digital. Additionally, Google Photos can be used to back up your entire digital library to the cloud, assuming you’re not backing up raw video. Unlimited cloud storage for photos, with useful features – such as facial recognition and activity identification.

What we do in the light

There isn’t much we keep hidden anymore. Nearly all of us, at least here in the US, have social media accounts, digital histories, and work/life balance issues. Jobs are different, homes are different, families are different, and privacy is different.

For the most part, none of that seems to matter. Hell, I try to write here daily, and over the past year have succeeded more often than not.

But I still keep things back. We all keep things back. Whether it’s the masks we wear (metaphorically speaking), or our desire to maintain a modicum of privacy in our personal lives, it’s almost always important to have a safe harbor to return to. 

We do so much in the light now. But, every once in awhile, it’s good to find shade.

Recent Items 11

With two weeks past since the last set of links I posted, there are only a few items that I wanted to share.

  • From Forbes, a reason why mornings may be more productive.
  • Shared this vanlife article with a friend of mine as he shops for a camper to travel the country in.
  • Apartment Therapy shares 3 things you don’t need on the bathroom counter. Why this is worth sharing? Three reasons. First, I like reading Apartment Therapy. I’ve lived in small spaces, and have eclectic tastes, and the homes they show demonstrate both. Second, while I’ve been decluttering for what seems like a century now, I’m still working on getting rid of stuff. The bathroom is an easy place to start. And third, who doesn’t like a clean bathroom?
  • If you’re looking for a pet, the Petco Foundation has useful resources and accepts donations to aid our stalwart companions.
  • How long does it take to learn a new skill? Less time than you think…

This quote came across my email, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot: “There is but one solution to the intricate riddle of life; to improve ourselves, and contribute to the happiness of others.” – Mary Shelley

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Or, X. Had I been using Roman Numerals. X just looks more fun.

  • Revisiting decluttering, and the nearly daily struggle I have with stuff. I’m not alone, and Valerie Peterson’s article on The Lily is just another example.
  • Also, Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie KondoI had watched it last year, but revisiting it during the past week has been somewhat cathartic.
  • An interesting video from Molner’s Table, discussing the future of offices.
  • It’s 35 years old: Back to the Future! I’m still amazed when I see Christopher Lloyd show up on television. One of a handful of memorable and exciting trilogies.
  • The first adaptaion of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World to stream on Peacock starting next week. Sure, another streaming service is last on everyone’s list right now. But this may be just the show we need.


What I said yesterday is true, however, I also found myself facing a problem with posting this past weekend. I didn’t know how to address the issues in this country.

I guess I always hope to write something that, if read, might be viewed as inspirational, educational, or at least not a waste of time. (Reminds me of Speech 101…)

But the nation is hurting, and either addressing or ignoring the issue felt so complicated that I wasn’t able to write anything at all for it.

I don’t have an answer. When it comes to race relations, income disparity, social justice reform, unfair policing practices, etc. There is the vast expanse of grey area, and all any of us can do is try to navigate it as safely and equitably as we can.

The past two years for the July 4th weekend, I’d play this reading of the Declaration of Independence on my radio program. I didn’t this year. But I thought I’d share it here.

Recent items 9

More of the links that I don’t get time to share enough of. One of these weeks I’ll codify (at least somewhat) my method of sharing the things I find online, in the world, and elsewhere. For now…

Recent items 8

  • Meditation at home, for relaxation, resetting, and releasing.
  • Computer-driven policing can lead to false positives
  • Neural mapping by researchers at MIT leading to innovations in computer chip technology.
  • Moment’s streaming Film Festival on Sunday, June 28.
  • New podcast to listen to: Land of the Giants, from Recode by Vox. Some inconsistent delivery over the past year, but I can completely understand that. Good for learning about the five tech giants.

Recent items 6

DC Comics’ face masks, with a mask going to a hospital for every purchase.

A publishing industry strike in solidarity with worldwide protests against racism.

Was asked a trivia question about sci-fi set design: What does greeble refer to? I had to look up the answer (it involves texturing).

AMC reports that “almost all” theaters will reopen in July.

And maybe, just maybe, film production can restart next week (whether or not it will remains to be seen.)