What I said yesterday is true, however, I also found myself facing a problem with posting this past weekend. I didn’t know how to address the issues in this country.

I guess I always hope to write something that, if read, might be viewed as inspirational, educational, or at least not a waste of time. (Reminds me of Speech 101…)

But the nation is hurting, and either addressing or ignoring the issue felt so complicated that I wasn’t able to write anything at all for it.

I don’t have an answer. When it comes to race relations, income disparity, social justice reform, unfair policing practices, etc. There is the vast expanse of grey area, and all any of us can do is try to navigate it as safely and equitably as we can.

The past two years for the July 4th weekend, I’d play this reading of the Declaration of Independence on my radio program. I didn’t this year. But I thought I’d share it here.


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