Recent Items 12

Some things of interest over the past week:

  • This item from MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality assumes a failed mission to the moon for Apollo 11. It’s called a deepfake, and the speech, while actually written for President Nixon to deliver in case of a disaster, is delivered by a sound-alike actor, and the footage is cut together from actual video footage of the then-president. It’s a warning against necessarily believing anything that may show up on the internet.
  • Nintendo’s strong earnings showing giving a glimpse into how shelter-in-place Millenials (and others…) are spending their time. I’ve got more than a few friends logging massive hours in video gaming during this pandemic.
  • Marketplace reporting on how families used pandemic relief to pay down credit card debt, and what that might look like now that added unemployment benefits have stopped.
  • 75 Years later, the impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • An animated feature out of Japan, Your NameMy brother turned me on to this, and it’s a beautifully put-together film. Pulls at the heartstrings as well. The US-optioned project has JJ Abrams attached, changing Tokyo to Chicago, and priestess-descended youth to Native American. I couldn’t find details on the production schedule for it, though.
  • And a project I’ve been working on, changing photographs to digital. Additionally, Google Photos can be used to back up your entire digital library to the cloud, assuming you’re not backing up raw video. Unlimited cloud storage for photos, with useful features – such as facial recognition and activity identification.

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