LA is a fox

Cities seem to be living things. They have arteries that course with lifeblood. They have central nervous systems, interconnected thoroughfares, electronic signals, and hubs that control the whole of it. But they aren’t quite alive… not really.

I’ve been thinking of the anthropomorphization of cities since reading Harry Carr’s comments about LA vs. San Francisco from the LA Times in 1923. He described Los Angeles as a white bull terrier; San Fran as a Russian wolf hound. 

I’ve yet to go to San Francisco, but, for me, LA is a fox. It’s beautiful, evasive, and quick. It’s hard to pin down, and loves to play. It can also be dangerous, under the right circumstances. But hidden behind the fangs and claws, small, sharp, and deadly, is a wit and cleverness that makes it exalted among all the other animals.


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