a day in the life

Most mornings I wake up (grudgingly), make my bed, shamble into the kitchen, pull out a protein shake from the fridge, then drink it down. I’ll brush my teeth, get into gym wear, and stir myself a pre-workout. If I hadn’t done dishes the night before, I’ll do them at this point. 

It’s off to the gym, where I’ll stay from an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Then it’s back to the condo, another protein shake, this one made in the blender, and then I’ll change and head to work. Work is roughly a 13-hour day, though I’ll have an hour lunch midway through. They also provide breakfast, two hot snacks, and many other assorted snacks. I split my team between answering emails/taking meetings in the office, and on set checking in on my team. 

Once we wrap, I head home, have a beer, try and do dishes, read a bit, shower, and then off to bed. That’s the bulk of the last two months here in sunny Los Angeles.


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