Thanksgiving … again

Somehow, we’ve managed another year. Already to the holidays. Tomorrow is Black Friday, and shopping is already underway for what will likely be an expensive holiday season.

At the time of writing this, I’m not sure where I’ll be. I’ll have just finished one gig, a quick reshoot for an HBO show. (Just typing that makes me so uncertain as to whose life I’m actually living). I’ll have another couple of weeks of wrapping out the Fox show I’ve been working on since August.

This is personally a hard day, as on this day eleven years ago my grandmother died. I don’t talk about it much. The facts of it come up from time to time, but the emotions behind it… Those I keep locked away. Not sure if it’s the healthiest, but I’m also not sure if it isn’t.

I like to believe that I came to terms with it a while ago. In the aftermath of my engagement falling apart, I feel that I gained a lot of insight. Most of the person I am now, at least in choices and lifestyle, is a result of that time, back in 2016. It was that point that also allowed me to let go of some of the guilt of losing my grandmother.

I guess in port in the storm will do.

Not that I mean to dredge it up here, or riff on it for too long. But it is fresh in my mind this November, as this is the first time that Thanksgiving has fallen on the 25th since she passed in 2010. 

We lose a lot, living life. I think sometimes we forget what really matters. We push forward so hard to succeed, to be someone that can be seen as having achieved their goals. In the end, I guess I’m just thankful to the family and friends in my life who’ve been there through the good times and the bad. To the ones who consistently remind me that I’m cared for, no matter how much distance separates us, or how much time passes since we’ve seen each other.

And, as not to forgo tradition, here’s this little chestnut.

Thanksgiving is a great time for vegetarians.

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