Politics can be boring

I’ve started this one and stopped many times since 2018. Now, I guess, seems like a good time to say it.

I want politics to be boring again. Yes, they can be important and still be boring. No one tunes in to C-SPAN for riveting drama. At least, we shouldn’t. Occasional comedy, yeah. Moments that move you from time to time, absolutely. But what I want are serious people giving the serious problems in our country serious consideration.

It’s not reality tv. It’s not a game show. It’s not war. It’s our body of government deliberating and forming laws for the betterment of our country and our society.

When it starts to break down, we notice. It may not be somethign that we think about front and center, but the problem that arise surely give us pause.

I have opinions as to what an improvement would look like, as does every American old enough to witness the state of America today.

For me, it’s civil and boring. Which, to a doe-eyed Mr. Smith, portrayed by Jimmy Stewart, was all about “plain, ordinary, everyday kindness and … a little looking out for the other fella too.”


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