Time Flies

Apple’s event today promises to usher in new Apple watches, and perhaps a new iPad. We’ll have to wait for the phone.

I’ve been thinking about watches lately. From this story of a collector who sells vintage watch ads, to this retired Air Force veteran auctioning off his Rolex he purchased in the service, to this quirky piece about how watch-wearing people are superior.

I was a bit of an amateur horologist prior to receiving my Apple Watch. I’ve gotten a few wristwatches since then, mostly as gifts. The thing about the Apple Watch is, you don’t really wear a traditional watch. I imagine it’s true for any smart watch on the market.

You condition yourself to looking at the watch for notifications. Even the phantom vibration syndrome, usually associated with the cell phone, now is applicable to watches. I can be using my digital watch, think I’m recieving a notification, and look down to find it’s not the smart watch. Just my Casio.

Yes, Apple Watches and other brands give more people reason to wear watches than before. And yes, younger people are now predominantly decorated upon on their wrists.

But there’s a kind of cool satisfaction with wearing a watch that will only tell you the time, and that will never go out of style.


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