Messages are important

As I wrote yesterday, messaging is critical when trying to make a sale. What that means, also, is that messaging is important in noncommercial selling. What is noncommercial selling?

Every interaction we have on a day-to-day basis with anyone we would like to convince of something is a sales situation. It’s apparent in the political races around the country, but also in health policy, self-help, therapy, and family relations. You may want your spouse to take out the trash. That spouse has to know the usefulness of that action (happy partner), and the value is more than the price (a walk to the dumpster).

It’s a crude example, but it highlights the point of messaging. When communication is concerned, it’s on us to ensure the recipient of the message receives it clearly and as intended. If not, we’ve failed to deliver the message. This results in us being unhappy with the outcome, potentially making the other’s life worse as a result.

We have that onus to do all we can to make sure our messages our articulate, in a medium that is easily understood, and received as intended.


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