When a break is necessary

Took some time off from writing, hence the absence of posts over the past week. I’ve mostly been working to catch up on some projects that I’ve let slide, brainstorming, and even helped a friend move.

Breaks are often necessary to recharge drained batteries, to give new perspectives on lingering issues, or just to remind yourself that you are important and valuable. On the one hand, there are aspects of this pandemic that are similar to breaks – not being able to go to many places, working on projects from the comfort of your own home, or just being. The problem is, the act of just being right now is much more stressful than it usually would be. Coupled with social unrest and the looming financial crunch of expiring pandemic aid, it seems that we’re more unsure now of what will happen than we were back in March.

But, I’m back to writing every day now. I’ve established a solid routine and practice, and I have some other exciting possible projects cresting the horizon. While the break could have been so much more restful and relaxing, it was still enough to jolt loose some of the thoughts that have been stirring behind the curtain. It’s good to work. It’s good to create.

At the end of this crisis, it’s going to be whatever we made that we feel represents the zeitgeist of this endeavor, and not the crisis itself, that we return to in order to heal.


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