Weekly Rundown

Some thoughts about the week:

Traveling now is crazy. Surrealism at its worst. A mixture of mask-wearing and social distancing; half-empty airports and planes. I don’t know if the extra room is nice or discomforting.

Parts of the country are reopening. It’s another mixture of weighing safety and practicality. Are we ready to resume eating out? Or is it still a bit too nerve-racking? With limited seating, maybe it too feels entirely surreal.

Essential work is something of a double-edged sword. While I miss working, I’m thankful for the security of having seclusion. Those who are out still and doing jobs that need doing – you can’t help but hope for their safety.

Models for assessing the scope and fatality rate of Covid-19 are constantly evolving, and the only thing certain is that no one seems to know anything. It’s a lot of conjecture as the science catches up with reality, but it is a public health threat and we should be careful.

The post-pandemic world is one that is highly anticipated, even if we’ve no clue what it’s actually going to look like. For now, I guess, we stay safe and try to remain creative and hopeful.


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