Balance in the market

Balance. We seek balance in creativity so that, in what we are offering to the world, it is worth someone’s time to consume and provides value to us as well.

Occasionally, rarely even, the value of something created far surpasses what the price is set to. Usually, it’s fairly-priced or may be slanted in favor of the seller. (This is evident in the increasing corporate profits we see.)

But I am specifically addressing creative endeavors. Nearly all work begins as a creative endeavor. From the fast-food restaurant to the newest computer, everything begins its life as an idea.

Basic economic market theory tells us that laws of supply and demand will set the prices for these goods and services. The problem is that the creative mind will feel the pressures of creation. The questions of “is it good enough?” or “can I do it again?” will inevitably arise.

Success feels great, but failure is much more common. Seeking balance is an exercise in feeling valued yourself. Not overvalued, or undervalued. But fairly valued.



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