Working on Purpose

I’ve begun reevaluating many of the choices I’ve made, distilling them down to some fundamental truths as to who I am, and what I should be doing with my time. This is a process, continuous over a lifetime. But in defining purpose, I’ve oscillated between some extremes.

A question that I’ve just written down to answer is: “who must I fearlessly become?” Even in the writing of that question, I could feel my fight or flight responses kicking in. I’m scared of answering that question. Which is why it’s an important question to ask.

Hence, fearless. Leaning in to the points, as Pema Chodron says.

When you find that thing that scares you, that’s an indicator that you’re about to do something important. As I continue on my process, I look forward to the new year and what changes it will bring.


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