Writer’s block?

I haven’t been writing much lately. I had intended to be, and yet it hasn’t happened. I could blame it on writer’s block, though it’s not entirely accurate. Well, it is and it is’t. Writer’s block to me seems a form of catch-all for the various excuses we use to say that we’re not writing.

Julia Cameron asks something like, “Why is there no engineer’s block?” That sounds not quite right, but you get the point.

Mainly, my lack of writing has been an issue of prioritization. Other things on my mind, and distractions abound in those times when I would typically do my writing. My journal entries have been sparse, my reading lax, and even the well of ideas that would pop into my head had seemed to be reduced to a trickle.

Now why this happens I can’t say. But I am aware that if I don’t write, regardless of if what I write is any good or not, the symptoms are only going to worsen.

So, here’s to a prolific and creative 2018!


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