Give yourself time

For some of us, now is a perfect time to, well, take our time. Perhaps rather than binging another show, and even in lieu of reading (but not all day – just for a bit), listen to an album. I’m a long way from my record player, but I have albums on my computer. There’s also YouTube, where you can find just about anything.

In The Artist’s Way, this was one of the tasks in a later chapter of the book. Julia Cameron recommended doodling while you listen. Let your mind wander. Listen, relax, and consume the album from start to finish.

the Artist’s Way

I often talk about my path – my way – which started towards the end of 2015. But it didn’t start there. That was a defining moment, but there were others before.

The story I like to tell, though, is sitting down for coffee with an insurance guy. A former insurance guy. He had just quit his job so that he could work for an art gallery. He had contacted my boss and had a lunch meeting with him. He also scheduled time to speak with me.

I asked him what had brought about the change. He said he started reading The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. I hadn’t heard of it. Over coffee I decided to buy a copy. I bought it used on eBay… I was saving up for a wedding. Another story.


And then I began…

“For most of us, the idea that the creator encourages creativity is a radical thought.”

I started writing then. Every morning. Four months is all it took for the unraveling to start. I was stripping my life down to its core. Many things were wrong. Off. It was traumatic, and it was cathartic. And it was what I need, whether or not I wanted to admit it.

Things happen that are inexplicable. That don’t seem to make sense. A book enters your life and does magical things. Like it was supposed to…

Be open to those possibilities. Be open to everyday magic, regardless of how wu-wu that sounds.

Revisiting the catalyst

There was a moment, some three-and-a-half years ago, that started a chain of events still unravelling even now. I’ve often called Cameron’s The Artist’s Way my commencement down this road of self-discovery and change. To be fair, I’d always been inclined towards researching the spiritual and investigating possibility, but I was stuck. We all get stuck sometime.

Twice I’ve tried to work my way through The Artist’s Way. Once, three years ago, ended when I just didn’t have the will to continue with it. The second time, just under two years ago, I made it through ten weeks of work, but only half-heartedly.

There it sat, this book that I bought used and started investing my time into. I look at it from time to time, and consider revisiting it. Today I pulled it off the shelf, and while I’m not committing to it yet, it holds the possibility of more changes to come.