The place where heartache feels good

For those who’ve visited a movie theater since the post-pandemic reopening, that phrase may be familiar. Nicole Kidman is now the unofficial spokeswoman of theater-going, appearing in an ad campaign that emphasizes the importance of the shared experience of seeing a movie in theaters. The campaign encourages viewers to “come to this place for magic” and to keep the tradition of going to the movies alive.

And, arguably, between her entreaties for AMC, and blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water, it seems to be working. Movie theater attendance in 2022 was up from the year before, with total earnings reaching around 7.37 billion US dollars.

This is a stark increase from the 2020 attendance numbers, which dropped to around 2.2 billion US dollars due to the pandemic. The success of these films is a major contributor to the rise in attendance, showing that moviegoers are still willing to come out to the theater despite the risks.

The experience of attending movies is still enough to feel magical, even in the age of streaming services. Movie theaters are still seen as a special event and a source of entertainment. The return of audiences is a testament to the power of the cinema.


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