Transitioning from the scratchpad

Some days, it’s just so easy to be excited by the smallest things.

I started writing on WordPress probably ten years ago, though maybe a bit more. Not consistently at first, but it’s been something I’d come back to from time to time. Then, in an effort to find an outlet to deal with some things that I had going on, I began writing as a practice.

So, in 2016, I began keeping up with this on a regular basis (which I’ve tried to keep up these past six years, though it’s admittedly been spotty at times).

In 2016, WordPress included a native spellcheck. I found it very helpful. One of its subsequent updates negated this tool, and I was mildly perturbed. However, I was introduced to Grammarly which, as an add-on, worked fine. That is until another update caused it to stop working with WordPress as well.

Thus, I moved all my writing to Google Docs, where I had a central scratchpad document.

Now, though, I see that Grammarly is once again functioning on the WordPress site, and it is all to say that I am very delighted with that fact.


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