Easily distracted

Know thyself. This ubiquitous phrase, the first of three Delphic maxims inscribed leading into the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, as recorded by the Greek writer Pausanias. The two maxims that follow “know thyself” were “nothing to excess” and “certainty brings insanity”

Setting aside the two latter maxims, it is important to understand yourself so that you can understand your daily flow. Me, I am so easily distracted that, if I’m not rigorous in my attention to my schedule, I’ll run amok. I could be late to appointments, skip a few hours of creative work, or miss an important phone call.

Thus, it’s good to schedule some time for whatever may hold my attention at that moment. And then it’s just as simple as sticking to the schedule. (Which may or may not happen, but I do try.)


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