Should blogs be timely?

Blogs aren’t news sites, though some news organizations may maintain blogs. In my opinion, it’s not necessary to keep up with current affairs through blogs.

This blog, for instance, is a miscellany of things that I find interesting, thoughts that pop up in my head, and musings over assorted potpourri. Sometimes that includes current events, but it’s not news. My finger isn’t on the pulse of the nation. I leave that to others more qualified.

Corporate blogs have a reason for keeping current, to allow for new products or services to be hyped. For better or worse, many companies are doing that.

I suppose my thoughts turn to the quality of content based on what’s happening in the news right now. I’ve had a habit of flipping between news stations (reputable and not; established and newer). The reporting is vastly different among them.

Unlike blogs, news is, by definition, current: “a report of recent events”. But similar to blogs, most news stations, if not all, heavily rely on commentary in an attempt to provide context to viewer or listener. And that’s where it can become tricky to suss out what’s accurate and what isn’t.

This is a tangent I didn’t anticpate going down, and one I’ll now likely spend more time with later on. But all of it just makes me think of this scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:


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