What’s going on?

Humanity sure has been a mixed bag over the centuries, haven’t we? Holy wars, dark ages, reality tv. It seems that there’s always some strife on the horizon – a terrible event that will send us over the edge plunging into the abyss.

I wish I could say that the path forward was an easy one. But no meaningful path ever is. It’s walking through the wilderness, machete in hand, blazing a trail. It’s taking a vessel into unknown waters, the stars and a compass your only guide as you attempt to chart the uncharted.

I’d heard it growing up – “America is a melting pot.” But while materials melt together at one temperature, a degree or two hotter will cause them to boil over.

If we’re being honest, it’s never been a completely fair system. We come mostly from aristocratic societies, and we’ve structured our nation in much the same way. We aspire to wealth, perpetuating the illusion that upward mobility is the norm, rather than the exception.

We believe in it so much that we struggle and work and give more hours than previous generations to the pursuit of commercialism. There’s always something else to buy; always a little more work to be done.

We have a wealth gap. We have a race gap. We have a gender gap. The three are not mutually exclusive.

I disbelieve anyone who says their way is the only way. You should too. Because no one has ever gotten out of this mess before in the history of the world, there isn’t a trail. There is no map. That’s up to us.

The thing is, with trailblazing, you have to set aside your fear of the unknown and be prepared to step into unfamiliar terrain. That’s the hardest part. Overcoming the fear of taking steps into the wild. But that’s how we move forward.

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