Distractions are the worst

It’s so easy to lose focus. How does one remain consistently on the day’s work? The important? The projects that provide the most value?

First, routine. I can’t seem to say this enough. The more ingrained a routine is, the more you’ll be able to stick with it. Establish working times for those important projects, and that’s what you’ll work on.

Next, schedule free time. If all your day is one thing after another, you’ll burn out. Fast. I’ve had burn-outs and, when not cared for, they can evolve into full-fledged nervous breakdowns. Given how stressful the world can be anyway, not considering the current crises, it’s best to give yourself free time. Time alone, preferably in quiet contemplation. To sit, to think, and to come to realizations.

Third, grow your mind. It needs inputs. Add them. Read an hour a day. Change the tv show binge to a documentary once a week. Or, watch a film that makes you think. Don’t just mindlessly vedge in free time. Be an active participant, so that when it’s time to work, you have a full well to pull from.

And lastly, maybe most importantly, sit down and do the work. We are often our most persistent blockage when it comes to doing the important stuff. I know how easy it is to get distracted. And I have to remind myself every day – do the work.


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