Cultivating the internet

With so much information on the web, it’s simply impossible to know what you may find. So we turn to cultivators: newsletters, aggregation sites, and web searches.

Since we can’t possibly do it ourselves, we allow trusted advisors to show us the information that we need. Google, Yahoo, Apple News… all provided singular locales to peruse top news stories. Other options include:

  • Setting up a Google alert to keep you informed when topics of interest show up in news items.
  • Getting emails from brands can provide you with information on sales and products, while some even offer daily news updates.
  • Magazines and newspapers also offer daily news (and other) email subscriptions.
  • Tech, finance, education, science, etc., all have their own numerous dedicated lists and newsletters.

The important thing is to not become overwhelmed in the reception of all this information, because then the cultivators just become part of the abundance problem.


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