Measuring the internet

The internet is teeming with more data, more information, more nooks, crannies, and rabbit holes than I can even fathom.

Literally, there is something for each and every person to spend the rest of their lives on, if they so chose.

One estimate points to the amount of data stored on servers at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook is approximately 1.2 exabytes.


More than 90% of the current data online has been created since 2016. Roughly 25 petabytes are added to the internet each day. The Library of Congress blog estimated that, in 2012, it had 10 TB worth of knowledge stored within its hallowed halls.

You would need more than 100,000 complete Libraries of Congress to store the amount of information held on the servers of the four big tech companies. 

Thanks to Google and Bing; smart people creating search engines and utilizing boolean operators, we’re able to delve into the vastness that is the internet. Then it’s just a matter of choosing where to spend your time.


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