Weekly Rundown

Another week without work. Another week of soul-searching. Another week of pandemic fears and of normalcy obliterated.

I’ve worked consistently in at least one job (usually two or three) since I was twenty years old. Not having to report to work has been playing mischief with my… well, my everything.

I wish I could say that I’ve stuck to the routine I established for myself while staying up in Alaska. I did not. Between traveling and avoiding people, I feel like a clandestine operative sneaking back into my own country.

Likewise, fishermen are looking at returning to Alaska, but there are concerns over whether the smaller fishing villages will be able to handle an outbreak. That means the state’s top three revenue streams (oil, tourism, and fishing) will have all suffered this year.

Back here in the lower 48, one thing I’ve noticed is my sleep schedule is currently all akimbo. I’m anxious to make it somewhere consistently and attempt to hack my sleep. That’s been my focus for much of this week.

To remove distractions while writing, I’ve been utilizing the app White Noise. Between that and my noise-canceling headphones I can usually omit any superfluous noise around me.

And, Andrew Lloyd Webber has been showing one filmed show a week, which I’ve caught a couple of. Not to mention National Theatre’s productions on YouTube. Lots of theatre to take your attention, if only for a couple of hours.


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