Not afraid to try

“Be broke or be wealthy, but never accept mediocrity.”

My friend and I used to discuss the problems with settling – that in so doing you’re effectively giving up on a portion of your dream. So he went out and started his own video production company. I’m not sure that he’s always doing exactly what he wants, but at least he’s in the ballpark.

I lost sight of my path about four years ago and since that time I’ve had some difficulty refinding my footing. I’ve jumped around from position to position, taking gigs here and there. Financially it’s been a lot of ups and downs. Personally, it has been mostly good, especially in the past three years. The year 2016 was the most tenuous.

Even still, I am constantly trying new things. I can’t seem to become satisfied in one specific area. I’ll enjoy the world of performance for a time, and then need to step back to make some money elsewhere. Work for a nonprofit a year, then switch to for-profit. Back and forth, in-and-out of projects – it’s a whirlwind.

And it is all in pursuit of some goal that won’t let me settle into something. That keeps me moving. We can’t always be doing exactly what we want. But if we’re playing the wrong game, it’s up to us to find the stadium.


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