Memorial Day

Today we pause and think on those who came before. Those who gave their all to make a difference.

Sometimes I wonder if the mentality has changed, and what do memorials mean to people. A few years ago I was touring Auschwitz, and the cold bleakness of the grounds stands as memorial to those who lost their lives there. I remember thinking how unimpressive it looked, and yet it stays with me. In its unassuming way, it burrowed into my mind and makes me think about the decisions I make.

I believe that is the missing element of memorial – that we don’t let what it means change us. We nod, give thanks, and say a well-wish one day of the year, but the other days we go about unchanged. Memorials stand for something bigger than itself, as Memorial Day stands for something bigger. To let it change you should be the intention for the day, and to maintain that change throughout the year.


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