Back online

Went down to Central America, and the second day had computer problems. Blessing in disguise? Probably. Mostly I stayed offline and incommunicado for the duration.


Spent time down in Jaco, on the Pacific coast. The large surf community of Southern Costa Rica has a relaxed vibe. Great little town, with lots of cool little restaurants and shops. Had a vegan burger and fries at Maraja. The Argentinian spot had this as a daily special. But, there were plenty of vegetarian options (I’ve been meat free for two years now).


Also up in Monteverde, to visit the cloud forest. The bus ride from San Jose up the mountains took nearly five hours. However, I think the ride was certainly worth it – the weather up there was beautiful.

Trekking through the forest, we saw animals such as the quetzel, sloth, aguti, and howler monkeys.


Now being home, I was able to get my computer back up and running. Heading into December I’ve got fundraising and grant writing to finish. So I’ve hit the ground running!


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