Too many things to too many people

Time management. Focus. Exhaustion and overextension. These are elements that I consider often.

For several months at a time, I remained relatively secluded. It was a period of recovery for me. A necessary one, and well-received (by me). Now, as I make my way back into the world, the balance of finding time for myself and for others is again proving challenging.

This can be placed pretty much solely on me. I said yes to several commitments, and the wear is starting to show on me. I’m exhausted today. When there is no time to decompress, all you feel is the compression.

I’ve spent the past week trying to implement controls in my schedule, decluttering my workspaces, and preparing for some new particulars which will be coming into play over the next month or so. I’m excited to start these new adventures, and will be sure to write about them in subsequent posts.


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