You’ve got mail

I want fewer email. I want more messages.

Rather than getting the daily appeals from every organization I’ve ever given to, bought from, volunteered for, etc., etc., send me something worth reading.

We receive way too many emails in our inbox now. It’s not fun. It’s a disaster.

Early days of email were about distant, instantaneous connection. Now it’s about instantaneous selling.

From connection to consumerism. When something loses its ability to connect, only to be replaced by the need to create profit, then it has gone off the rails. It’s not expansion, and it’s not engagement. It’s assault, and it needs to need to stop.

Companies – Stop forcing us to give you our email. Ask for it. Maybe you’ll get it, if we feel it’s worth reading what you have to say. Don’t assume. Many times, we don’t want to hear it.

I want content worth reading. I want an inbox that is less full and more interesting. I want a connection.


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