The World as it Was

I’ve often posited that I was born into the wrong time. Surely I would have been more at home among pirates, or the early days of Hollywood, or even cruising around the county in the Further, official bus of the beatnik generation. I imagined myself a swashbuckling, charming anti-hero, which I have lived up to in some ways, including a couple of arrests. But what about that makes me any different than the men and women that comprise our sizable prison population. For the record, I do believe that the criminal justice system is in need of reform.
So these past eras of excess and adventure, now long gone. As I sat idly by, lamenting living in such times, I did little to improve the landscape. What had I done, or contributed that was truly great? Nothing. What are you doing to define the golden age of our years on this Earth? Are you creating, destroying; are you even participating? 
The legacies that those in the past have left us should inspire us to create legacies ourselves. Build it, paint, sculpt, or do it. Life is rich when we can enrich, and a full life is, by definition, one of abundance. If we were to look at the world in eyes that do not see what is broken, but what could be improved upon; what piece of ourself we wanted to give. Imagine never meeting a stranger, or being at home anywhere you were. Imagine what could be.


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