Welcome to the New Age

Sitting in a hospital lobby now. My brother is sick, having surgery. I’ve been sitting with him for a couple hours, with my mother and our other brother. It’s weird seeing him attached to tubes and oxygen. But he’s a strong guy, and only in his forties, so I have no doubts as to successful recovery. 

A lot of things are going on. There’s the election for one. I could devote several posts to just that, and it seems likely that I will. Also my spiritual discovery, which has been both continual and stilted, depending on the day. Upcoming travels, figuring out my relationship issues and teaching. my day-to-day.

I hope to become more diligent with my writing, but I thought I would participate in NaNoWriMo and that has been consuming a great deal of my time these past two weeks. I’m short of my 25,000 word count mark for today, the half-way point in November, but the concept is a fully fleshed-out novel and I’m optimistic about finishing in time. 

That’s all for today I think. Back to waiting for surgery to be over. Take care.


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