Fah-who For-aze

Welcome Christmas, come this way…

Christmas, oh Christmas.

A cold and desolate season welcomes you
to bring light, cheer, warmth and hope.

The Christmas-season is a belief,
more than it is a holiday.
More than the celebration of the messiah,
or the de facto creation of a religion.

Christmas is the embodiment of all love,
and charity becoming manifest.
That the most can provide for the least
to express nothing more than care.

There can be giving without gain,
Hope without loss,
Peace without harm,
And love without the expectation of reward.

When the Christians appropriated the
customs around the Winter Solstice,
they honored the themes of light;
of fire, charity and feasting.

Bringing about the new days,
each with longer hours of sun.
“The old has passed away.
Behold, the new has come!”

So Christmas, today and all days,
Fill us with the passion to remember love.
To remember charity,
and to provide for those less fortunate.

It isn’t in celebrating a day,
the 25th of December,
but celebrating the season
throughout the whole year that is Christmas.