The magazine stack

I don’t have many subscriptions to periodicals. A couple alumni publications. One film industry trade magazine. Digital subscription to the New York Times. And that’s about it.

It seems that, like most of the US, I get the majority of my news from the internet. I do find that I stay informed this way and can easily find articles from a variety of sources. 

The issue I still seem to have, though, is the physical copies piling up in my home. Somehow I have a stack of magazines just begging to be read. And I can’t just make myself sit down to go through them!

And here’s the advice I read: “I really want to read the old issues but deep down I know this is a waste of counter space and a constant reminder I’ll never read all those great articles. Time to adjust using the “ignore” technique. I still get excited when the print version shows up, but if last week’s edition is still on the coffee table when the new one arrives, I feel no guilt recycling it.”

And maybe that’s a good way to approach it.


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