Playing it safe

It’s easy to come here, write some basic platitudes about this or that – business, culture, art, taking chances, whatever. And, in being safe, I may skirt issues. To avoid hot topics. Controversial topics. Dangerous topics.

Writing in this way allows me to avoid criticism. But the truth is, in playing it safe, I’m not pushing my own boundaries, or challenging myself to explore the unknown. I’m not confronting my own beliefs and preconceptions, or learning anything new. In other words, I’m not growing.

We have to talk about the difficult things, the controversial issues, and the hard truths. We have to be brave enough to have uncomfortable conversations. We have to be bold enough to challenge the status quo. Not out of anger or antagonism. But in a spirit of curiosity and genuine understanding. We have to be willing to listen and learn from each other. We must be open to the possibility that our beliefs and opinions can be wrong.

We can’t shy away from what’s difficult, but instead must face it head-on. We must be willing to take risks and think outside the box. Only then can we make real progress.


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