Narrative Control

Adam Ryan of Axios recently wrote this about ‘Narrative Control’:

“The success of commodity businesses is primarily dictated by the perception that they have among their customers. That perception is cemented by the narrative control they possess.

Nike – best for athletes. Southwest Airlines – most family friendly airline. Starbucks – the most welcoming atmosphere.”

One way to create customer engagement is to create a narrative that encourages a need on the part of the customer. For them to become a part of the “best”, “friendliest”, or “most welcoming”, for example.

And any brand can do this. It’s not hard to tell a story. In fact, every company should be.

By creating a narrative that encourages becoming a part of something, customers are more likely to become invested in the brand and engage with the company. 

The real trick is to do it with authenticity and humility.


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