On the edge of (what some might call) madness

It seems that we have tried so many times to create what we want. The perfect job, the perfect romance, the perfect life. But no matter how hard we try, it seems to be just beyond our grasp. We can go to the edge of madness searching for it, but the perfect thing is always just out of reach.

Perfection itself is fleeting and challenging to obtain. Even when we do get close, something is always missing. 

We’re told that we should learn to accept that life is imperfect and that it’s OK to be content with the good in our lives, instead of striving for the impossible. But there are those for whom this message is difficult to internalize. For them, striving for the impossible is a way of life, and it’s what gives them hope and drive. It’s hard for them to be content with the good, when they know there could be so much more.


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