The ‘zines’

Early on in the new era of a burgeoning internet, clever individuals were posting opinions online. These opinions were falling into niche markets, but they were getting shared. For the first time, an unknown individual had a voice that could be projected.

This online presence was a great opportunity for those who were previously unheard. It allowed them to create content that would reach a wide audience and gain attention from the public. This gave them a platform to share their ideas and opinions with the world.

Besides blogs, which were just individual journals that were shared, the zine moved onto the web. “Zines were first created in the science fiction fandoms of the 1930s, taking their name from fanzine, which is short for “fan magazine.” Long before the advent of the Internet, zines allowed fans to create networks, share ideas and analyses, and collaborate on writing and artwork.” (UNC Blog

Zines were seen as tools of subversion, allowing independent voices to be heard. Zines were, and still are, a way for people to create and share their stories and perspectives without interference from mainstream media. They are a powerful form of self-expression and a way to strengthen communities, often around marginalized identities. Though somewhat supplanted by social media, there are still active zines out there in cyberspace. 


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