The joy from journaling

Apparently, journaling has “mega mental health benefits.” It can help to process thoughts and emotions, reduce stress, increase self-awareness and even help to improve sleep. Journaling can also be used to set goals, track progress and boost creativity.

“A 2018 study involving 70 adults with elevated anxiety found that online journaling for 12 weeks significantly reduced their mental distress. Long-term journaling was also associated with greater resilience.”

This suggests that journaling can be an effective tool for managing anxiety and strengthening mental health over time. Additionally, journaling can provide a sense of catharsis, helping people to process and release difficult emotions.

And it doesn’t only apply to mental dealing with challenging daily issues or mental health strain. Journaling is a good source of self-reflection and can offer insight into patterns of behavior or thought processes that may be contributing to one’s anxiety. It can also be a helpful tool in overcoming negative thought patterns and developing positive coping skills, as well as providing a safe space to work through any underlying issues that may be causing distress.


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