Can you really know?

I heard someone say recently that “you can’t ever really know anyone.” It’s true that we can never fully understand another person’s thoughts and feelings, but our relationships with others are based on trust and mutual understanding. 

We can strive to really get to know someone by listening and being present in the moment. Through communication and shared experiences, we develop strong, meaningful relationships.

On the other hand, some people prefer not to share everything about themselves and may feel more comfortable keeping some things to themselves. What’s inside remains inside. Sure, we believe that we understand a person. But the truth is, it’s a trust that we place in them. 

A sort of social compact. 

We may be confident in our assumptions of a person, but it’s only a guess. The truth is actually impossible to arrive at. 

Still, mostly, we believe in the best of those we care about. And I think we’re generally closer to the truth than we are from it.


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