The mind knows

Timely information is something I’ve yet to fully understand. By that, I mean the way something can be at the forefront of the mind, or just teetering on the edge of the periphery. Then, something comes along that makes the information pertinent. How often have you said, “I was just telling someone that!”, or, “That’s been on my mind all day…”?

The mind is an incomprehensible organ, with more potential for making connections than we’ll likely ever know. Pattern-finding is in itself a uniquely human attribute. For instance, the ability to find patterns in music, art and literature is something that is essential to the creative process, and something that machines are not yet able to replicate.

One example that stands out is that the mind will hear patterns in repetitive noise, even if there is no changing tone or tempo: auditory apophenia. Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. The term is often used to refer to the experience of seeing faces in inanimate objects, but it can also refer to seeing any pattern in random data. (I will assume that this is the common tendency, though there will be those who recognize consistent rhythms.)

So the unconscious mind is forever absorbing and distilling more information than we can think of! This can lead to creative problem-solving, as well as more effective decision-making. It can also be a source of insight, allowing us to make connections that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to make.


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