It just takes one

“Once I was a schleppa
Now I’m Miss Mazeppa
With my revolution in dance
You gotta have a gimmick
If you wanna have a chance”

– Gypsy

It seems like everyone is hustling. Now, maybe that’s just because the ones who are hustling are the front-facing ones – those who post on socials daily, get interviewed, or just seem to be altogether omnipresent. In the background the non-hustlers toil away, completely content to be where they are, happy in the burrows of their lives. Not needing the attention of, well, whoever.

And for every hustler who’s made it, there’s probably a thousand who hasn’t. Or ten-thousand. Maybe more. But they all keep going and they all keep hustling. Because the odds don’t matter, only the result.

The thing is, it just takes one. One viral post. One incredible story. One unique experience. And then that struggling hustler becomes a well-known one, and maybe, just maybe, that would satisfy them. 


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