User interface

The first GUI (graphical user interface) was created over seventy years ago. For roughly five decades, small improvements were made until we generally see what we see now. A “desktop” with folders, where we can store documents. Perhaps, like my actual desktop, it’s covered. I like to keep the desktop on my computer, at least, a little neater. One folder, and currently four documents, all for easy access or quick viewing.

Diving into my folders, however, it’s a rabbit hole of mixes and matches. So much easier because of the interface, but also so welcoming to just storing more and more data.

In the early days of computing, when prompts had to be hand-typed, CPUs were slower, and hard drives were significantly smaller, it was important to keep everything tight and nimble.

And that’s one thing about advances – the better something is, the more we use it, even in trivial or unnecessary ways.


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