Will television change

In a recent OZY newsletter, there was concern that the age of television programming we’re currently living in may soon come to an end.

“According to Variety Intelligence Platform’s media analyst Tyler Aquilina, 2023 might see the beginning of the end for this era.

‘Considering the economic pressure that the entertainment industry is facing right now, there’s definitely going to be some changes in terms of how much these companies spend and what they spend their money on,’ explains Aquilina. ‘So we may see a decline in the number of original scripted series and a shift towards less expensive content.’

This means that, in the ensuing years, and possibly even months, streamers are going to focus more on reality shows and live sports, which draw huge numbers of viewers but are much cheaper to make than fantasy blockbusters like Stranger ThingsHouse of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings.”

While it’s hard to argue that the economics of filmmaking have been altered drastically in recent years, there is still a viewing public that largely will dictate what shows get made and/or renewed.

I suppose it seems possible that there will be a larger offering of reality shows and cheaper-to-make content, but I’d hold off on declaring the death of quality programming, at least for the time being.


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