From the Charleston Airport

There’s a lounge between gates A and B that I sometimes rest at during layovers. In fact, I’ve written several posts from the benches there. However, I occasionally forget that I had ever been there in the first place. On my most recent layover at that airport, it occurred to me that I fly a lot. 

This new year may see me flying less, though I’m not entirely sure of that. I have at least three trips planned, and could end up with a couple other gigs that require travel. Either way, I thought I’d include some thoughts on flights, airports, and airlines as the year moves forward. 

For Charleston, there was a piano player in the atrium where you could sit in white rocking chairs and listen to him play. The lounge that I worked from was nice, though the pumped in top 40 mix of pop and country was a bit distracting. There are a couple of sofas, and I listened to some held-over flight crew snoring away as they napped on one. 

It’s easy navigable, and the airlines seemed to be laid out well for connections. All in all, I like a layover in Charlotte. Maybe almost as much as I like the Toronto airport.

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