A look backwards and forwards

I suppose it’s that time again. A time to reflect on everything that happened over this past year. Tally up the wins and losses, and pledge to tackle all those goals and aspirations heading into 2023. 

I have no resolutions, and don’t believe that I have had any for a while. A few years back I started focus words. Things like distance or serenity. It was a suggestion from a podcast I was listening to.

I’m not sure I had guiding words at all for this year. At least, none that I remember.

I didn’t read nearly as much as I would have liked. Had a few projects that took up most of my year – tv shows and commercials, mostly. 

A lot of flying. Back and forth to Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii. Even ended the year on a cruise ship, which is something I haven’t been on since before the pandemic. 

I think I’ve been struggling to create as much as I would like. Working on others’ creative projects, it can be easy to put your own aside. 
So, if I had a resolution for 2023, it would be to create my own work. Artistic output. In a single guiding word, CREATE.


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