The meaning of Christmas

For much of my life, I’ve been a singer, and my favorite season for singing has always been Christmas. Even when I was very young, second or third grade, I remember checking out a book of Christmas carols from the school library. I think it was probably March or April. Like much of the US, I associate the music most closely with Christmas, maybe more than anything else.

A handful of years ago, I was at a Christmas concert, and the director spoke of keeping the spirit of the season in your hearts all year round. That giving and caring shouldn’t be relegated to just a few short weeks at the end of each year. It was beautiful.

I mention this because I think it’s easy to forget just how important this season is. Not just for the religious or commercial aspects of it. But it gives us an opportunity to prove our humanity. It lets us go out into the world (which, over the past couple of years was incredibly challenging), and be a neighbor, if not a friend. 

That we all are, every one of us, more connected by our alikeness than we are separated by our differences. 

Merry Christmas.


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