Keeping up

Time is such a finite resource. You don’t always consider it, but it’s always there: moving along in the background, ticking down the seconds, watching each and every life move from start to finish.

And the world, ever-connected, now has means to keep us plugged in and engaged among numerous fields of interests – fashion, arts, science, technology, politics, etc. We build these bubbles around us, which pulls in information we may find useful, and filters out that which the algorithm intuits we wouldn’t use anyway. 

Ever-connected, yet more disparate.

And still, how can we keep up with even everything we want to see? Everything we want to experience?

The fact is, we can’t. There just isn’t enough time. The best we can do is stay present, experience each moment, and attempt to live life with an authenticity that will not leave us disappointed in our final moments.


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