The benefits of daily posts

At one time, which now seems like so long ago, I posted daily. I did it in batches, scheduled them out, but the posts would update every day. Sometimes they were short. Mostly, they were short.

Occasionally they were longer. But, the nice thing about an every day posting schedule is you don’t have to feel that what you say needs to have much weight.

What that means, is, if you post everyday, some days are going to be toss aways. It may be just a little bit that someone doesn’t get anything out of. That no one does. But there’s always tomorrow.

You’re also more current, even if it’s written and scheduled in batches.

But with weekly posts, or monthly, or whatever, there can be an added pressure to write something worth writing. For someone to spend their time reading.

Sure, you can fail at that as well. I mean, absolutely. It just means that there’s more pressure, for better or worse.


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